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Throw this protein-packed fish in your grocery basket!

September 23, 2009 Diet, Health, Other 1 Comment

CSM106966 When it comes to buying seafood, most people go for the familiar varieties like pieces of salmon, tilapia or even some shrimp. Yes, these taste great and offer many benefits, but they can also be pricey.

If you’re looking to save some money and reap the health benefits of seafood, try picking up a few cans of Sardines!

Most people are grossed out by the fact that these little guys are crammed into a can and stink, but unlike bigger fish like tuna and swordfish, sardines contain less contaminants like mercury.


Sardines are a complete protein source and are excellent for any growing human body. Eating protein can build and repair muscle and make you feel fuller longer. banana

Sardines contain more phosphorus than milk, more potassium than bananas and even more iron than spinach!

Sardines also contain both Calcium and Vitamin D, a great food for those winter months when you’re not out in the sun as much.

Sardines are high in Omega 3 essential fatty acids which are known to improve memory function and performance, and reduce inflammation. Omega 3′s have also been shown to improve metabolism aiding in weight loss.

Sardines also contain CoQ10, an antioxidant that enhances physical energy, cardio health and boost immunity.


Best of all, Sardines are CHEAP!

Next time you head to the grocery store, go to the aisle that carries the canned tuna and seafood and locate the canned sardines. There are many brands to choose from and they range from 80 cents to $1.50 a can. You’ll notice that the sardines come packed in water, mustard, tomato sauce or oil.

Personally, I love the water-packed or mustard ones! Sardines are not only cheap, but they’re so convenient and easy to pack anywhere. I can take them to work or even on a road trip. Simply peel back the tin, and dig in!

I would love to hear about your love for Sardines!

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