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The meat and potatoes (hold the gravy please! ) of any good strength training program……….

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I have listed 11 solid exercises that I consider the meat and potatoes of exercises. You might want to consider incorporating them into your training program regardless of your body type or training level.


Home Exercises

· Walking Lunges

· Side Shoulder Raises

· Pull ups

· Push Ups

· Dead lift

· Calve Raises

· Horizontal Chins

· Triceps Dips

· V sits

· Oblique Crunches

· Bridge Hip Thrust


Gym Exercises

· Squat Rack or Smith Squat

· Overhead Press

· Lat Pull Down

· Peck Dec

· Leg Curl

· Good Mornings or Hyper Extensions

· Toe Press

· Triceps Pushdown

· Bar Curls

· Knee Raises


Incorporate a few at a time or try alternating them with your other exercise choices.


  1. Depending on your goals, I suggest that you perform reps between 8-12 for muscle building with sets ranging around 2-4.
  2. For leaning and lengthening ,I suggest that you perform reps between 12-20 with sets ranging around 3-5.


Tip: Try to vary your training program weekly with small changes and  give your body a break every 4th week by trying something different like taking a class or even playing a sport you don’t do often.


WARNING: Rest is crucial, so make sure you establish a balance to achieve maximum results!


If your goal is to shape and lean your lower body, try incorporating these exercises during your training cycles:

· Single Leg Squats

· Single leg

· Hip Thrusts

· Heal Prints

· Round the Clock Lunges

· Step ups

· ATG squat

· Squats below 90

· Butt Blaster


So try these out and send me a comment if you have any questions. I look forward to hearing about your progress.


Shaneek AKA Miss Murder

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