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I had the best time at the Philadelphia Food & Wine Festival! Read about my experience and some of the yummiest foods I stumbled upon!

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“Crazy Ghada is doing what? She’s exhibiting at the Philadelphia Food & Wine Show? I’m not sure if that’s a good decision”.

Criticism and judgement seems to come naturally from people who like to play it safe in life. I can’t tell you how many times I had to hear critiques and negativity from people regarding my ventures. I’ve heard it all from I’m nuts, to I’m just wasting my time”.

Well, my reply back to those individuals…when it comes to most things in my life whether it has to do with business or pleasure, I prefer to just jump and go for it! Over thinking certain things just leads to doubt, fear and even backing out completely. Like the Nike slogan…. Just do it! Life is too short and I never want to look back and say… “should’ve, could’ve, would’ve”.

2010 Philadelphia Food and Wine Festival

A little over a month ago, I heard that the Food Network’s Food & Wine Show was coming to the Philly area, so I jumped at the opportunity to become an exhibitor. After making a few calls, I was in! Right after, I called my favorite friend and trainer Lisa, and asked her if she would join me and she did! Yay!

The Philadelphia Food & Wine Show was held on Halloween weekend at the Valley Forge Convention Center. The event showcased over 100 vendors who offered the best of wines, desserts and gourmet foods. Another exciting part of this event was that celebrity Food Network stars took the main stage to educate and demonstrate their cooking skills.

First, I’ll tell you a little about my experience and the products I offered, then I’ll fill you in on the some of the best tasting food items that I stumbled on!

Decorated with multi-colored Autumn leaves and serving bowls, the Smallworld Beauty table offered sugar free carb-conscious protein bars, no-sugar added cranberry pumpkin muffins and no sugar added Date-o’s. The Smallworld Beauty table stood out as the “healthy” table :)

Vanilla Apple Fudge Sample Bar

Every item on the table was figure friendly, low fat and low in sugar.  Other fun items that were showcased were my Detox Greens and all natural liplove lip balms.

Every attendee had a chance to sample bite-sized bits of both the Coconut Coco Cream and Vanilla Apple Fudge Bars.

These were perfect for individuals who were watching their weight, carbs and even gluten.

This next product was a big hit! A few weeks before the show, I collaborated with a famous Philly chef to create a no sugar added, low fat, Cranberry Pumpkin Harvest Muffin… Mmmmmm. The main ingredients were whole wheat, cranberries, pumpkin puree and egg whites. Everyone was so impressed at how “moist” these low fat desserts tasted.

Another crowd pleaser, was my Mommy’s Date-O’s! Made with 100% Whole Wheat, flaxseed meal, light olive  oil, and pureed dates, this “O” shaped pastry just crumbled in your mouth. This dessert is a popular Middle-Eastern pastry that is typically baked with white flour and served with afternoon coffee and tea. Date-O’s are low in fat, low in sugar and sodium and high in fiber. Oh my Date-O’s… I can eat them everyday! These are only made by special request, so email me if you’re interested in buying some :)

I had such a great time! I met so many people and learned so much about what the people had to say about my products. Any feedback… is good feedback :)

Just because I was working, it didn’t mean that I wasn’t going to run around and check out what the other vendors had to offer. There was so much to taste and sample, and some were just so good that I had to purchase some for my own!

Fiore’s Garlic Sauce: Behind this one booth stood the cutest little Old man who was showcasing his “most famous garlic sauce”.  There was a bowl with the garlic sauce along side cut-up hearty Italian bread. Using a tooth pick, I poked one of the breads and dipped deep in that sauce. Wow… that’s garlicy but soo good!

Hempzel Sourdough Pretzel descriptionHempzel’s Sourdough Pumpernickel & Onion Hard Pretzel: I love hemp! When it comes to nutrition, hemp is superior to flax. It’s full of protein, fiber and Omega 3-6-9 similar to fish oil. These delicious pretzels were perfectly hard meaning that they won’t break your teeth. Hempzels also had other hearty and tasty flavors to choose from.

Crazy About Hummus’ Pumpkin Hummus:

What!!!!! Pumpkin Hummus? OMG… that is delicious!!!! I would have never thought to combine those two ingredients! This is a perfect protein packed item that is excellent for skin health! Give me two!

Bookbinder's New All Natural and Gluten-Free soups and chowders

Bookbinder’s Gluten Free Soups:

What’s more comforting and satisfying than a hot cup of hearty soup! These gluten free soups were so good that I had to taste each and everyone that was showcased. My favorites were definitely the butternut squash with mushrooms, and the zesty tomato. I wish I had more right now as I write this :(

Famous Kirby’s Pretzels: Holy Moly this stuff is HOT!!!! If you love super duper spicy or want to play a mean prank on someone, try some of these Red Hot Chili pretzels. Wow… Manufactured by a husband and wife team, Famous Kirby’s introduces a line of HOT pretzels, potato chips, pop corn and even chocolate! I love spicy food but I definitely need some milk close by when eating these.

Don’t worry, Famous Kirby’s also comes in Mild for those who can’t handle the heat.

There were so many other great vendors at the show but I couldn’t afford to buy everything so I stopped at those.

If you would like to read more details on the Food & Wine Show, then click on this

If you attended this show, then what was your favorite taste?


  1. Justin says:

    I really liked the Delicata Squash Farrotto that Palate Restaurant was serving.

  2. Kyra says:

    good for you for going!! hope it brought you success.

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