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4 super easy ways to burn additional calories

October 16, 2008 Diet, Health, Other, The Love Your Life Program 1 Comment

bottledwaterDrink it up!

Drinking water is undeniably good for you.

Drinking ice cold water is even better!

Consume eight 8 oz glasses of cold water, and boost your engine to burn up to 70 calories a day.

That comes to 5 lbs a year!

The body has to keep its temperature at 98.6 degrees, so when you shock it with cold water it will work harder to raise it.

Suffer under 20 seconds of a cold shower and burn up to 100 more. liftweight



Pump it up! Build more muscle and burn more calories. Every pound of muscle can burn 50 extra calories a day. So, grab those weights, chug those protein shakes and start building that brick house. 




Spice it up! Rev up your metabolism by 50 % for up to 3 hours just by adding some hot spices to your foods.





Clean it up! The weekend is here and you know you have to clean up the house. Instead of dreading the dirty work, shift your thinking and make it into your extra fitness day.

Vacuuming can burn up to 245 calories an hour! Put on some of your favorite jams and get to work.

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  1. shaneek says:

    You could even throw on some ankle weights why you clean and burn even more calories!

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