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I have a Chinese Secret in this bag. Can you guess what’s inside?

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ling7No laughing at this story!

Ok. So, it’s kinda funny now.

After college, I packed my bags and headed to NYC to pursue an internship in the music industry. (I’ll name drop later lol). Since internships are unpaid, I had to get a job on the side to pay my rent and bills.

One day, I was sent out to run some errands for the record label and I noticed a "Now Hiring" sign. I walked in, gave my info and was soon called for an interview at Ling Skin Care. 

Ling Skin Care was founded by Ling Chan, a skin care guru to the stars. Ling formed a natural and effective skin care line and built a few beautifully decorated spas around New York City. I was assigned the position of receptionist/ sales girl. Ling Chan was the face of the spa, but the person who ran the actual operation was extremely motivated son, Patrick. Patrick was only 30 at the time, and I was 22? ling6I think.. lol.. 

Anyway, long story short. After few months of working with Patrick and showing him what I could do in both sales and marketing, he promoted as his assistant and moved me to the corporate office. Like brother and sister, Patrick and I butted heads a few times and he eventually fired my a%#.

The day after are heated drama, we both apologized to each other and we have been great friends ever since. Aww, I love you Patrick! Sorry I was a pain. I meant well.


Anyway, this post is not about me and Patrick’s drama, but it’s about my love for Ling Skin Care’s organic soaps, body scrubs and skin care. When I last visited Patrick a month back at Ling Skin Care Spa in Union Square (16th street), he generously filled my goodie bag with my favorite Ling products. Yay!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this body scrub. It feels like silk and smells like walnut heaven!


a closer look: imperial body scrub is a blend of natural exfoliating ingredients formulated to effectively slough off dead cells and impurities, while natural papain enzymes work to digest unhealthy skin cells.
the good stuff: contains rice to gently exfoliate and nourish the skin; Walnuts to exfoliate and accumulate dead cells; Honey to hydrate skin; Oatmeal to soothe skin; Ginger to revitalize; Papaya Enzymes to digest unhealthy dead cells and thoroughly clean the skin.
» created just for you: this ancient Chinese Imperial recipe was sued to aid the Empress in preserving a youthful, smooth skin tone. Rice and Walnuts are selected fro its special property of nourishing the skin and combating aging of the skin. This body scrub also emits an intoxicating, delicious aroma given off by the walnuts and honey.

Next time you want to buy your girls some bath stuff, forget that visit to Bath & Bodyworks and log on to for this cute gift box filled with handmade aroma-infused soaps! (my favorites are the black charcoal and red jasmine)

soapset » a closer look: an assortment of our 12 favorite Organic Rice Soaps (In limited edition mini sizes)
12 Soaps Include:
» Black Charcoal
» Eucalyptus Blend
» White Jasmine
» Black Sesame
» Green Mulberry Tea
» Lemongrass
» Coffee Bean
» Red Jasmine
» Pineapple Pulp
» Fresh Rosemary
» Tree Ripe Papaya
» Ripe Peach

If you’re visiting the New York Area, stop by one of Ling’s three spa locations and try one of their famous facials, treatments and waxing. Oh by the way, they gave me my first Brazilian wax! (I was a model for their training class). What a traumatic first experience. Painful and embarrassing!

Take a few minutes to browse through Ling Skin Care’s website and check out their products. Don’t forget that also formulated a unique skin care line.

Email Patrick through the site and tell him I sent you. He might hook you up with some goodies too!

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