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KFC’s Grilled Chicken. Healthy or Hype?

May 13, 2009 Diet, Health, Other, The Love Your Life Program 6 Comments


KFC has been bombarding the media with their new 2pc “Grilled Chicken” meal. The meal consists of two pieces of grilled chicken, two sides: starchy instant mashed potatoes, sugar loaded coleslaw, and a  refined-sugar biscuit, all for the LOW price of $3.99!! (other unhealthy sides are also available)

Even Oprah jumped on the “Grilled Chicken” craze and offered her viewers coupons for a FREE meal. Dumb idea. KFC could not handle the influx of hungry customers and had to turn them away, leading to riots. Did they not realize that anything Oprah endorses, sells out in a second?

So is the NEW KFC Grilled Chicken Meal healthy or hype? I went to investigate myself. You’ll be shocked to what I unveiled. 

I stood in line and browsed through my options. I definitely was ordering the 2 pc grilled chicken meal, but I wasn’t too crazy about their side options. My options were mashed potatoes, mac n cheese, coleslaw, corn on the cob, baked beans and biscuits. A side salad was an extra charge. No fair :(

“Can I get the 2pc grilled chicken meal with no sides and a side salad”


The guy was a little confused about my order and didn’t charge me for my side salad. By the way, the salad was just shredded lettuce and they were out of tomatoes. He offered me some salad dressing packets, but I chose to pass since they contained high fructose corn syrup.KFC2

My first thought was.. damn.. those are some tiny pieces of chicken. It was almost half the size of a regular KFC original piece. This girl needs her protein! Did I order the kids meal on accident?




kfc5I decided to pull off the chicken skin to reduce some calories and avoid unnecessary saturated fats. Plus, there’s not much nutritional value in skin so why eat it when you can fill up on other healthier options.





Ooo… This chicken was a little too greasy for my taste, so I grabbed a few napkins and dabbed off some more calories and saturated fats. I’m not an expert in the kitchen, but this recipe tasted baked, then thrown on the grill to get those “grilled marks”. Tisk.. tisk.. 



Now for the ultimate taste test!

Salad. Perfectly shredded crisp lettuce. I guess you can’t mess that recipe up.


Now, for the chicken!





Very moist and flavorful. Yeah, the chicken definitely tasted like it was baked. After finishing off my little bit of chicken, I was still hungry :(


Instead of wasting more money, I drove home and made myself a chocolate protein shake to satisfy my remaining appetite.

Check out what else I found. nutritionfactkfc 

According to the KFC nutrition table above, the serving sizes are exactly the same. I guess if you minus the breading they might be the same size, but I still think the chicken pieces are much smaller. Notice that the calories of Original vs Grilled are not significant. Why would I get a bland 89 calorie drumstick, when I can get a crispy, juicy original recipe drumstick for an extra 21 calories?

I appreciate KFC’s efforts of introducing a healthier option, but I just feel that it wasn’t good enough. I feel that they have deceived me when it came to the portion size and the true “health” value of the meal.

I think it’s time that KFC reduces the grease, and ups the nutrition. I would like to see more healthy options on the menu like green beans, baked sweet potatoes and whole grain rolls.

As consumers, we need to be more cautious about what we eat. Don’t just accept what Oprah and paid advertisements tell you, get on that computer and do your homework!

Sorry KFC, but there are too many health nuts like me out there for you to outsmart us.

Stay smart, stay healthy!

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  1. Jason says:

    Wow im impressed with this article. I totally agree with her about the nutritional upgrades that KFC needs to incorporate in their menu. A female is eats healthy and knows about nutrition is also very appealing. More women should also watch wat they eat and focus on living a longer and healthier lifestyle. Plus you can get more guys by staying in shape.

  2. Matt says:

    Wow you are gorgeous .

  3. Ghada says:

    Thank you Matt :)

  4. michael says:

    They do have green beans at KFC.

  5. she thing says:

    green beans at KFC??? which KFC are you talking about? the one in Mars !!!!…lol

  6. MM says:

    This is a pretty good analysis, but i think they deserve some credit.. im a pretty big guy and usually opt for 2 breasts.. going from 720 cals to 500 cals and from 42 grams of fat to 11 grams is pretty helpful.. dont get me wrong, i woildnt make it a staple of my diet, but its a good option for when your on the run..

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