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Create your own salad bar at home

April 22, 2009 About me, Diet, Health, Other Leave a comment

saladbarWhen eating out, I always consider restaurants that offer self-serve salad bars. Two of my favorite salad bars are Fogo de Chao’s and Ruby Tuesday’s. Creating my own salad allows me to control the nutrients, calories and portion size.

Even though I enjoy dining out, I prefer to prepare most of my meals at home to save money.

Since I adore colorful salad bars, I have created one at home! 

Sunday is my shopping and food prep day. I only purchase fruits and veggies to last me until my next grocery visit to avoid any food from going bad. I use this day to bake, grill, saute, steam, prep and tupperware my mini meals for the week.


Creating my salad bar is so much fun and appetizing! Here’s what you’ll need to start.


  • Tupperware: If you haven’t invested in food storage containers, then I suggest you do. I have quite a few in different shapes and sizes.
  • Cutlery: I always have a sharp knife to make chopping and slicing easier
  • Cutting board
  • (optional) I love my food chopper! It makes chopping onions so much easier.
    Check out my favorite salad bar items:

VEGGIES: Mixed green salad mix, sweet peppers (red, green, yellow), cucumber, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, baby carrots, artichoke, beets, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms and olives.


LEAN PROTEIN: Hard boiled eggs, turkey slices, grilled chicken, egg whites, cottage cheese, canned tuna and poached salmon.


DRESSING: olive oil, vinegar, lemon and lime juice.


OTHER: sun flower seeds, raw sliced almonds, chick peas, flax seed, and hemp seeds.

The food items listed above are way more than a week worth of meals, so I pick and choose different items from week to week to keep my salad tasting new and exciting. By having salad bar items in your fridge, you’ll feel both motivated and obligated to eat them.

So, get your grocery list out and jot down what you need to get for your at-home salad bar. Remember that calories count, so keep your portions under control. Load up on the veggies, eat fist-sized lean protein, drizzle tablespoon of dressing and sprinkle a teaspoon of nuts or seeds.

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