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Cohabitant Conspirator… Is being in love making you fat?

December 10, 2008 Diet, fitness, Health, Love, Other, The Love Your Life Program Leave a comment

We all know that being in love can add so much joy and  happiness to one’s life, but studies show that it could also add other things like extra weight!

According to a study from North Carolina at Chapel Hill, newly cohabitators put on average of 3 lbs, and new brides packed on triple that!

Allow your love to grow and flourish, but not your bottom! So here are a few tips to follow to avoid those unnecessary pounds:

Create your own food space: Make sure that you both have some shelf space in your pantry as well as some room in your fridge so you can stock it with healthy goodies and snacks.

Stakeout the takeout menus- No, you don’t have to go under cover but you do want to be sure that you order from healthy places. Scout the eateries that offer grilled foods in addition to fried. Order from friendly restaurants that will work with your diet and honor your wishes of dressing on the side. If you’re checking out Chinese menus, then find places that offer a healthy option of brown rice instead of white. If you’re dining out, then follow the tips of the dinning princess and learn how to maintain your physique and control temptation.

Make a dinner date each night- A dinner date is not in front of your TV! Eating while watching mindless TV can also lead to mindless overeating. Schedule a time every night when you and your sweetie can enjoy a relaxing time together while eating healthy.

Stay on the best dressed list -just because you moved in with your boyfriend, doesn’t mean that you have to wear his clothes! Remember to keep dressing sexy! Looking hot will keep you aware of your body and keep you both in love. Plus, all that hard work you have put in, won’t go to waste.

You can still Love your sweetie, while maintaining the Love Your Life Program and looking better than ever!

 Shaneek AKA Miss Murder

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