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Locker Room Peep Show. Don’t stare, it’s Rude!

November 26, 2008 fitness, Health, Other Leave a comment

Everyone at one time or another has to shower and get dressed at the gym. For gym regulars, this isn’t a big deal and considered part of the daily gym ritual. When you become a regular at a gym, a certain unspoken etiquette comes into play when it comes to the rules of the locker room.


You might settle into the same locker every morning without having to worry about someone else taking it. You might also get dressed in the same area, shower at the same time each morning and never run into any snags because of this etiquette. But it seems the one unwritten rule that sometimes occurs in the locker room is what I call the locker room PEEP SHOW. This is when someone or a group of people have become more than comfortable with their body and they don’t mind showing it off…to everyone in the locker room!


Now I am not saying that you shouldn’t be comfortable with your body, and I am not referring to those who use towels and disrobe while in their little dressing area each day. I am referring to the ones who no matter how hot or cold the temperature is, empty or full the locker room is, they just walk around stark naked!


Every locker room has at least one. Now we are all adults or at least 18 so although this may not be someone you really want to see naked each and every morning, remember everyone has their own dressing ritual and they are paying for the use of the locker room just like you.


The best way to deal with a locker room peep show is to simply not look and by all means don’t stare! It might not be your cup of tea to walk around naked in front of tons of strangers but everyone is different and nobody should be made to feel ashamed of who they are especially not at the gym. We are all there working towards some sort of self improvement goal and we should respect each others differences and embrace the over all goal which is to get fit, be healthy and yes to even become comfortable with ourselves naked!


So keep your eyes covered and don’t stare. It’s rude!


Shaneek, AKA Miss Murder

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